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A-991UL / S-9930 / A-9937PGP



Born and raised in Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture, Chikara Kawaguchi is a Kunitachi College of Music graduate. He participated in the Hamamatsu International Wind & Percussion Academy and Festival as a Kunitachi Music College scholarship student.

Kawaguchi has studied saxophone under Hiroki Saito and Keiji Shimoji. As an educator himself, he has provided instruction to Japanese students preparing for music college entrance exams as well as foreign students.
Kawaguchi specializes in ensemble lessons. The high school ensemble that he teaches has won the prestigious Japan Saxophonist Association-sponsored competition first prize (high school division) three times in a row.
Kawaguchi offers saxophone lessons at NHK Culture Center facilities in Aoyama, Tokyo and the Yokohama Landmark Tower in Yokohama.
He has released a CD, "Apres Un Reve" (Florestan), and also performs on "Japan Contemporary Music Festival V" (JILA).